Place an appealing corporate profile in the exhibitor catalogue

The exhibitor catalogue is the main source of information for visitors and people interested in trade fairs. Attract more attention with a compelling corporate profile! The exhibitor catalogue increases your visibility on the expo website, improves your ranking with search engines and enhances the potency of your presence in and around the fair. Add all the important information, news and expo first-viewings etc. to your corporate profile to win over potential customers.

The benefits

A showcase for your company, brands and products

SEO: Improve rankings and visibility with search engines such as Google

Potential visitors are made aware of your goods, services and offers prior to the fair

Specific information to interest potential customers

Profile in the online exhibitor catalogue

Information provided in advance:

  • Company name
  • Hall / booth number
  • Contact
  • Product categories*

Stand out from the competition with a well-defined profile:

  • Logo
  • Description of the company
  • Link to your website
  • PDF uploads (catalogues, price lists, image brochures)

*The available banner formats differ between the various expo websites.

For those who want more: Upgrades Silver and Gold!

With your show participation, you put your brand, your innovations and products in the focus of the industry - the Exhibitor Premium Directory Listing ensures the necessary attention for your potential new customers.

I want to inspire my customers!

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