Use our platforms and digital community as an extra communication channel! How? By letting us transform your products and services into content that really works.

In marketing terms, we generate background noise
in the likes of the Google and Facebook worlds.
Does that sound like agency work to you? Well, it is.
But we’re an agency with strong platforms
and almost unlimited reach at our fingertips. 




Do you have a cool service or product to offer?
Do you want to get people interested in it,
but are struggling with how to present it?
Then the “Content Package” is here to help.
We’ll work with our communication experts
to develop content that works for you.

  • Identifying the topic: What moves the masses?
  • Editing the topic: How do we move the masses?
  • Text and image production: What tools can we use move the masses?


Do you already have content (that is produced by us)?
Are you looking for the right channels on which to show it off?
Not to worry, the “Audience Package” has everything you need.
We’ll provide you with exclusive use of our platforms.


  • Publication on the related websites under Top News
  • One-time feature on social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  • One-time feature in newsletter  


Want the best of both worlds?
Then use the golden ratio of
content and audience, perfectly combined in our high-performance package.



Social media is an efficient way to reach your target group directly. But to succeed here, you need the right audience. That’s where we come in – we have what you need and will be more than happy to share.




  • Your existing content played on the channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Instagram)
  • Social media posts shared on the respective channels
  • Users redirected to your chosen target site


Do you believe pictures are worth a thousand words? Us too. The average person watches 1.5 videos every day. It’s no wonder really – we react to visual stimulation in a much more intense way and can process (moving) images faster than pure text. And the best thing is: We can offer you the entire package! From the concept, production and implementation right down to the finished video.

  • Professional video production
  • Present your company and your top trends
  • Tell your stories and inform your target group
  • Initial publication on the channels of Reed Exhibitions Austria
  • Integration into the text from the Content Package
  • Provision of videos for further use


Do you know a lot about a certain topic, but not enough people who know this? Do you want to make a live impression with your content? Then we’ll take care of the audience. Reach your community with a live digital broadcast. You won’t get much closer to your end customers than this.


  • Production of live broadcast
  •  Advance announcement on our platforms
    (Integration on the website, social media, newsletter)
  • Post-reporting and publication of a best-of video

I want more details!

In which products and shows are you interested? Send us your questions and we will respond as soon as possible.