Professional invitation management made simple!

Reed2Meet is a simple and professional means of sending personal digital TAN invitations to important customers entitling them to attend a show free of charge.

The progress of your invitation campaign can be monitored in real-time and you are provided with an overview showing which customers have accepted invitations. Rapid administration and minimal technical requirements ensure a smooth-running Reed2Leed invitation campaign. 

How it works

1. Use the order form for promotional materials and request the sending of TANs to entitle invited guests to take advantage of free admission to the fair.

2. Include the offer of TANs in the Reed2Meet portal in an e-mail campaign and send the TANs to the people you wish to invite to the show free of charge.

3. View the progress of the invitation process and be able to monitor in real-time which of the people invited to the fair have already registered.

4. Data from registered visitors can now be downloaded from Reed2Meet for further use.

The benefits

Save time due to simplified creation and implementation of invitation campaigns including TANs.

Monitor the progress of your invitation campaign at any time to quickly initiate additional campaigns and marketing activities as required.

Monitor the identities of people who have accepted your invitation and prepare for their visit.

Data quality is improved due to having been entered by the visitors themselves.

What functions does Reed2Meet offer?

Create e-mail campaigns that include placeholders, TANs, images, links etc.

Statistics on TAN requests and TAN use.

Monitor the identities of the people who have already opened your invitation in real-time, see which invitations have not been received and see who has already registered.

Download data in CSV format

How do I gain access to the portal?

  • Navigate to
  • When registering for the first time, use the ‘Create new password’ function to create your own password. Then open the ‘Create new password’ link on the log-in page, insert your user name ‘@username’ and click on ‘Request new password’. (E-mail address must be registered in advance.)
  • The link is sent to you via e-mail. Open the link to create your password.
  • Use your log-in und the newly-created password to register and use Reed2Meet.
  • All that is required to use the Reed2Meet service is internet access.
  • You are entitled to use the Reed Exhibitions Reed2Meet service free of charge.

I want to manage my invitations!

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