Retargeting advertising

Precise target group promotion without scatter loss

Would you like to attract more users to your website; people interested in your brand and your products? Retargeting enables you to address exactly those people!

The Reed Exhibitions Retargeting Tool achieves a new level in the addressing of target groups. Enhance the efficiency of your online advertising by reducing scatter loss 365 days a year. Retargeting enables you to access those potentials who are interested in your products.

How it works

The benefits

Maximum precision when addressing targets

Address selected, hence high-potential target groups

Reach a high-potential target group 365 days a year

Success monitored via precise reporting

Potential type of campaign:

Before the show

Increase brand awareness

Visitor frequency at your booth

Promotion of workshops and events etc. in and around the show

Promotion of new products

After the showAfter the show

Lead generation

Establishment of a well-crafted customer database

Special promotions for expo visitors

Cross-selling & Up-selling

Promotional formats

We implement successful IAB-standard advertising formats.


Medium Rectangle

Wide Skyscraper

Information brochure

I want to reach my target group!

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